Locate A Crestline Bus Sales Consultant


We understand that purchasing a bus is a major investment and Crestline's experienced team of Sales Consultants are here to advise you on the best transportation solutions to suit your custom requirements.

  Scott Frey
Manager Business Development - Bus Sales

Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Phone: (306) 986-5605
Toll Free: (888) 887-6886
Email: sfrey@crestlinecoach.com 

Steve Laskey
British Columbia & Alberta Municipal Sales Consultant 

Rolly View, AB, Canada
Mobile/SMS: (780) 237-0340
Office: (306) 986-5629
Toll Free: (877) 497-9496
Email: slaskey@crestlinecoach.com

  Barry Wilson
British Columbia & Alberta Retail Sales Consultant 

Calgary, AB, Canada
Mobile/SMS: (403) 829-0045
Office: (306) 986-5625
Toll Free: (877) 497-9496
Email: bwilson@crestlinecoach.com

  Evan Kon
Saskatchewan, Manitoba & Nunavut Sales Consultant
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Mobile/SMS: (306) 221-3539
Office: (306) 986-5630
Toll Free: (888) 887-6886
Email: ekon@crestlinecoach.com


Mike Harbec
Ventes d'autobus vent au détail pour le Québec et l'Est du Canada
Québec & Eastern Canada Retail Bus Sales Consultant
Montreal, QC, Canada
Portable/SMS: (514) 914-2811
Ligne directe/Office: (306) 986-5617
Sans Frais/ Direct Toll Free: (877) 990-4824
Email: mharbec@crestlinecoach.com


Danny Sonier
Ventes d'autobus Municipale pour le Québec et l'Est du Canada
Québec & Eastern Canada Municipal Sales Consultant 
Gatineau, QC, Canada
Portable/SMS: (418) 654-8360
Ligne directe/ Office: (306) 986-5641
Sans frais/ Direct Toll Free: (877) 414-7824
Email: dsonier@crestlinecoach.com