Crestline Coach unveils the Next Generation of FleetMax Ambulances, designed with a Paramedic Focus


The modernized FleetMax delivers the same reliability of the past and is now pre-loaded with new innovations focused on enhanced safety and reliability.

Saskatoon, SK, Wednesday, January 12, 2022 – Crestline Coach Ltd., a global leader in ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing, is proud to introduce the FleetMax Next Generation type III model, a popular ambulance choice amongst EMS communities in Canada.

The FleetMax Next Generation is a top product choice in Canada redesigned with a paramedic focus, enhanced safety, value-driven features, and technologies. During the initial phases of the redesign, Crestline invited numerous paramedic services to participate in the development process. Paired with a team of sophisticated engineers, paramedic services from across the country carefully weighed in upon the existing features and benefits and were presented with new options, technologies, and safety features to assess from paramedic and patient perspectives.

“The redesign of our FleetMax model was unique because the original model has been in existence for more than 20 years and it is a popular choice within the Canadian market, so involving paramedics in the product development process was paramount to ensuring the next generation model delivered the expected value,” shares Scott Sawatsky, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Canada. ʺBy working together, we raised the bar with enhanced safety, ergonomics and new technologies, while integrating (35) additional standard features and many new options.”

The Next Generation is driving safety for all.

The safety of the paramedics, and patients, remained a top priority in the design, layout, and new standard features. 

The new spacious ambulance, with more headroom (68’’ inches standard), features ergonomic aluminum cabinetry systems and cushions, which are highly durable and SAE compliant. The new cabinetry meets stringent North American passenger car test principles, and the cabinetry is 2X times stronger than the minimum required in the industry. Three-point harness seatbelts for all module seating are now standard to keep paramedics safer. 

As the pandemic continues, Crestline delivers solutions that help to protect patients and personnel from infectious diseases within the ambulance. The new FleetMax is no exception - it is equipped with various infectious control solutions including a system with PPE donning and doffing stations. The sealed pass-through window is a new element that prevents the spread of airborne particles and when combined with the HVAC system (brushless evaporator motor), the paramedics and patients benefit from fresh air intake and circulation. Crestline is proud to also offer a variety of optional infectious control solutions adding another layer of protection to the paramedics and patients in addition to regular cleaning protocols. These options include solutions for UV sterilization, HEPA filtration and surface decontamination.  

The exterior compartments have upgraded door shocks protection and highly used compartments have been redesigned and relocated to increase safety, visibility, and easy access for the paramedics. This includes the spine board compartment which has a new curbside design that specifically prevents medics from having to enter traffic to access life-saving equipment plus the storage has also been positioned vertically for improved ergonomic access and heated for enhanced patient comfort.  

Technology to serve the paramedics and patients. 

The ambulance technology is built around the paramedic and patient, helping simplify the work of the paramedics and enhancing care for the patient. The ambulance is now equipped with two touch screen monitors that provide essential communication for the paramedic driving and the paramedic treating the patient. The screens are an essential tool to relay practical information such as patient status with silent colored icons, HVAC temperature and fan controls, plus chassis conversion voltage, among other critical vehicle information. 

A backup camera is now standard and is an important feature as it lessens the chance of a collision or damage to the vehicle and enhances safety for paramedics and patients. 360-degree birds eye view cameras are also available options for maximizing visibility around the entire vehicle. 

Easier maintenance and lower fleet costs – part of the Crestline experience. 

Fleet operators benefit from the new FleetMax design with reduced overall maintenance and repair costs. The new flush mount windows are corrosion resistant and prevent leaks.  All doors are equipped with dual door seals to help reduce water and dust intrusion. The multiplex electrical system provides fleet operators access to advanced diagnostics and data logging information, allowing operators to troubleshoot remotely and without the requirement of an electrical technician to perform the maintenance.  

Discover the FleetMax Next Generation 

Discover why the FleetMax Next Generation is Crestline’s top product choice; click here to view a full list of specifications, features, and options including access to a virtual tour and product video. 

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